Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tub of Goooo.....

I got this idea from The Mailbox. I put shaving cream and shredded cotton balls in a tub. And mixed it up. Then I added some plastic orange and black spiders. I buried the spiders and let Monkey search for them. I thought he would be willing to touch it so I gave him some tongs. I thought he could sort the bugs by color. But, we just had so much fun with the goop that we didn't really sort.

After a while, he really got into it. He got some on his hand and wiped it on the table and then started having a ball.

I went and grabbed some cars so he could drive cars throug the "snow" and leave tracks.

He was great about helping me clean up too. I let him man the sprayer at the sink and he rinsed all the bugs and cars.

We will definatly do this again!

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