Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apple Tree Play-Doh mat

I finally got a chance to get pictures of Alligator playing with our Apple Tree Play-Doh mat. You can find my post about the mat here. (You can download the mat for free!)
Alligator really doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, so he really hasn’t played with play-doh much. I guess it is just one of those sensory things, since it doesn’t actually make your hands messy, but it does have a unique texture.
So I sat right next to him and we worked with the play-doh.
I eventually got him to pinch off some play-doh to make apples on our tree.
This is a great fine motor/pincher grasp activity!
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  1. My kiddo has the same sensory issues with play-doh. Still trying to encourage her to play with it.

  2. Hey this is a good idea! Good luck with the sensory kids have no problem at all with it, in fact I want to discover how to keep them from it!!! :)