Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stickers and Language Development

First let me say I am not a specialist. I learned this activity from our speech therapist, and wanted to pass it on.


Today Alligator and I were in the doctor’s office waiting. He was in a good mood despite being sick and I needed something to entertain him. I happened to find a sticker that was stuck to the inside of my purse.  First I showed it to him. He thought it was pretty cool and immediatly placed it on his hand. So I said “hand”. He took it off and placed it on his other hand and I said “hand”. THen he gave me the sticker so I placed it on various parts of him, stating the name of the location. He laughed and laughed.

Then I asked him to place it. (a-ha, he had to follow a 1 step instruction) Which he did pretty well. Then he dropped it. So I asked him to “pick it up and put it on the chair” (see…a 2 step direction). And he did it, most of the time.

We had a ball, kept busy, and had a language lesson. All while waiting for the doctor. Which we then discovered Alligator has a double ear infection. OUCH!


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