Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finger painting with yogurt, Sensory Activity

My darling Alligator has some aversions to different textures. One texture that he really dislikes is creamy things like yogurt, ice-cream, and paint (not that paint is creamy, but it has the same sort of messy texture).

We are working with an Occupational Therapist to try to work on some of his issues. One of the things she suggested was working with yogurt. I thought I would try to make this a Christmas themed activity, but using the yogurt to decorate a laminated Christmas tree.


I gave him some squeegees to play with in the yogurt, but he wouldn’t dare touch anything but the squeegee. So we moved on…


Alligator is still obsessed with the alphabet. So I spread some yogurt out on the table, and wrote a letter in it. When he asked for the next letter, I told him he had to erase the other letter first. As you can see he was really into the activity. He disliked getting his hand dirty, but he was getting through it.

   IMG_6142IMG_6141   IMG_6139IMG_6140

It is funny really, he liked smearing it, but it was the after he smeared and he realized that his hand was dirty that he wasn’t too happy.

But we got through M in the alphabet, so that was a success.

You can try this activity with pudding too, or cool whip. I find it helps to include his interests into the activity (like the alphabet).

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