Monday, November 28, 2011

P for penguin craft

Alligator and I are working on a penguin unit this week.

Today we decorated a capital and lowercase P with penguin foot prints. Alligator is a little intimidated with paint. He is so worried he will get messy. So it takes a lot of coaxing. Near the end of the exercise I added a clip to the foot print so he would be more interested in touching it.


I cut the foot print stamp out of a sponge.

Then we used the number penguins from 1+1+1=1 (Alligator loves letters and numbers so it is so much easier to get him to participate if things have letters or numbers. Also they have to be in order, so that meant he had to put all 10 on, which was probably the longest he has ever worked on a craft.

The P’s came from a Time for Tots Kit.

IMG_6000 IMG_6001

There they are proudly displayed.


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