Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tot School 9-19-10


Alligator is 19 months.

This week was crazy, I spent Monday getting ready for my family to visit, and then they were here till Thursday. So not a lot of Tot School this week.

We did get some things in on Friday.

We played with flour and cinnamon (read about it here).


We played with our new sensory tub from Time for Tots (read about it here). The scratch on his head was from falling outside, he tends to scratch up his head about once a month.


He also colored a cat from Mother Goose Time. It had circles on it to trace. And it was interesting, because he seemed to really want to trace them. We worked on speech while we did it, saying dot as we made dots and circle as we made circles. Alligator even said “Circ” for circles as he made them, without prompting. So I am excited!!!!

There he is making a circle, see how focused he is.


I have gotten into a good routine now. Alligator and I will be doing MTG while Monkey is in school. I am really feeling good about our new schedule. Read about it here.

As soon as the Tot School linky gets going on 1+1+1=1, I will set it up. You can use the button at the top to see what others were up to this week!


  1. Lots of great ideas! The cinnamon and flour sounds messy, but I'm sure my son would love it! :)

    - Stopping by from Tot School -

  2. We'll have to try the cinnamon and flour on our messy play day. :)

  3. My oldest CONSTANTLY was bashing up his head and it seemed like he always hit the same place too. For 3 years there was a constant bump on the left side of his forehead. Boys! ;)

  4. the MGT kit looks like alot of fun are you going to order any more months?

  5. It certainly looks like Aligator is making a circle. Too cute! Off to figure out wht MGT is :)

  6. Our Country Road- it is Mother Goose time. Which is a preschool curriculum in a box we love it.