Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Too much stuff!!!

Does this ever happen to you?

I am at the store find something I think the boys will absolutely love. We take it home play with it, and they do love.

But now it is time to put it away. I look around our playroom….Nope no empty spots here. I look in their rooms… Nope no empty spots here either.

So I head to my all time favorite spot, the closet under the stairs. I push and pull to get the doors open, which are jammed. I finally get it open and as soon as I do….WHAM! my tower of STUFF falls over. So I quickly stack it all back up, add the new toy to the top and quickly shut the doors.


Oh my intentions have been good. I have cleaned out and “organized” that closet before. I have multiple organiztional systems in place.

I have 2 of these:


I have one of these:



I have 4 of these:


All of this in one closet. No wonder I can’t get in the closet. No wonder the vast majority of the stuff never gets used.

So today I started cleaning it out. Which means that I got rid of the stack of stuff, that continually falls when I open the doors. So the 4 of theseimage  now have their tops on, and 3 of them are in the garage. The 2 that were on the bottom of the stack are exactly as I left them a year ago when I “organized”. Because, they were on the bottom of the stack, and I couldn’t get to them. Now to decide what to do with them. I mean we haven’t used the stuff in a year right, so I should probably sell it or give it away…. we’ll see!

That is about as much as I got done. I will keep chugging away at this problem.

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  1. Purging TOYS is something we are working on. We just have way too many!