Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tot-School September 12

Alligator is 19 months.


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This week we got a little more into the groove of things, although we are still not in a good schedule. We spent a lot of time outside, as we have had some wonderfully mild weather. This is such a blessing.

Here is Alligator feeding ducks at the park with Daddy.


We also spent a lot of time at our park. Alex and I are going almost every morning after we take Monkey to school. It is great fun, but definitely feels weird to go without Monkey.


Here he is showing off his new Halloween pjs. He really looks good in black!



We continued with our MTG this week. Alligator made a puppet of Johnny Appleseed. I helped him put the pieces together, and he took care of the coloring. He really colors with great intent.


He thought it was fantastic. He couldn’t stop laughing when it was all put together. He also would turn it around for the camera, so this is the best we got.


We worked with the letter M this week. I thought MGT does a neat job of introducing the children at this age to the letter. We taped the “hands-on M” to the back of the paper, so he could color over it to make the impression. I helped a little, so you could see the letter.

image image

Alligator explored the words moon and mouse and pointed to all the pictures on the alphabet cards. He now points and says “look” or “that”. So that was exciting.


He liked playing with Monkey’s weather sticks as well. He thought they were great fun.


Thanks for reading. The coming week will be a bit slower as my parent's are in town. So as Carissa from 1+1+1=1 says we’ll get in a lot of “life school”.

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  1. cute pj's!!!

    love that park you go to man i'd be there everyday too :)

    looks like a great week you'll find your groove. we find ours then something happens and we have to switch it up.