Monday, February 7, 2011

Farm Magnets

Alligator is working on making animal sounds. He is getting really good at mimicking their sounds, and for some he can make the sounds spontaneously.

The more we practice the better off he will be. Although we have numerous animal toys, puzzles and books. I decided to make him some animal magnets. That way they are in the kitchen and when he is in there I can remember to point to them and make the sounds.

I used a printable from KidsSoup. You have to be a member but it is pretty inexpensive, and it is a wonderful resource. I printed them on cardstock, then glued them to colored paper, and laminated them. Finally, adding a magnet to the back. It is a lot of steps but I love the look.


I chose this printable because  I liked the faces on  the animals.


Here are some things we will do with them:

1. Hang them one at a time on the fridge at eye level. I do one at a time so that Alligator doesn’t run off with them and lose them. He is notorious for getting stuff off the fridge and me never seeing it again. This way whenever we are in the kitchen together we can work on that animal sound. I will rotate them each day.

2. Use them as props for singing “Old MacDonald”

3. Use them as props for singing “I went to visit a Farm One day” (click the title to see the lyrics, you can do the animals in any order.)

4. Put them in a bag and pull one out at a time to sing or make the animal sounds..

5. Match our toy animals to the magnet.

6. Putting on and off the fridge is a good fine motor activity.

7. Play where’s the…. (Where’s the pig?)


  1. those are adorable!! great activities planned with them :)

  2. Thanks! They really did turn out cute. Alligator is in love.