Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green and St. Patrick’s Day Walls and Collage


With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I decided this would be a good time to start teaching Alligator his colors. Obviously, we will start with green.

Me and Marie has some wonderful printable learning aids, and they aren’t that expensive. I purchased the St. Patrick’s Day bundle and the green bundle.

I have placed our Green wall dislpay in the kitchen. I put it there, because we spend a lot of time in there through out the day, so I thought it would give us lots of chances to mention the colors, and the items.

Here is what the display looks like. I cut out a big swatch of green construction paper, then put the green words underneath (after laminating), I also hung up the green song.


I also have a similar display in the play room. But this display is our St. Patrick’s Day display. I have the song in the middle, along with our vocabulary cards. As well as the shamrocks on our magnetic board, so that we can act out the song.


We also worked on a green collage. Alligator seemed to enjoy this, but it took a lot of coaxing at first. Monkey really wasn’t interested, but he did make me a nice bracelet.

IMG_4589    IMG_4590

While working on it Alligator kept sticking the happy face stickers on his nose. Too Cute!


Here is Alligator’s final product! To make it simpler for him, I pulled out things that were green. So he didn’t have to sort through to find green stuff. We used wrapping paper, ribbon, stickers, tissue paper, and a do a dotter.


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