Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preschool Corner St. Patrick’s Day Measuring

I found this wonderful site and I knew it was right up Monkey’s ally.
Here is the link. I changed her sheet to match some items we had on hand. I glued a leprechauns hat over the picture in the first space, and I glued a gold coin over the picture in the last space.
Here is what our sheet looked like.
The link above has 2 printable shamrocks. I let Monkey choose which one he wanted to measure.
Here he is counting how many hats long the shamrock is.
As you can see, in space 2 it asks you to measure using crayons. I thought he would lay them horizontally to measure. But no, he wanted to lay them vertically.
I am thinking that I can to an egg activity and a bird activity for him for our next unit on birds and eggs. Such a great idea….We loved it!
It woks on:
counting, measuring, writing numbers and a little bit of reading!
Linked up to preschool corner!

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