Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tot School Aa and Fruit Sensory Tub

As I have stated before I love Carissa’s Tot School printables, and so does Alligator. I have come up with a couple of ideas to add to this theme.

I came up with this sensory tub for Alligator. I couldn’t even get it made before he wanted to play in it. Love the little smile that is on his face as he explores!


Since the theme is Aa and fruit, the tub has the same theme.

I gathered every A I could find in our house, as well as a bunch of plastic fruit, and small erasers that are fruit (I bought the erasers month age, figuring I would find something to do with them. I put them all in the bin.


The bin also has blue rice for a filler.

I also took each A and outlined it on a piece of construction paper.


That way as Alligator finds the A in the bin, he can try to match them to the sheet, sort of like a puzzle. Once I showed him the first one, he totally got the idea.

As you can tell, he is really thinking and studying to find the correct places.


IMG_4811     IMG_4806


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