Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tot School March 13th

Sunday night we decided to go out to dinner. We get there, and Alligator throws up on the table…. That was the start to our week. From there things got worse. On Wednesday, Monkey starting throwing up, and Alligator’s temperature was near 103. Alligator was tested for flu (yes he was vaccinated) and it came back positive. By Saturday things were pretty much back to normal, but it was a sick week for us all, as we were all sick!

However, with all this time at home we did get quite a few things done (when we weren’t laying in bed).

We are still learning about birds and eggs, with Mother Goose Time (MGT).


We did a lot of art this week, but with Alligator being so sick he either sat on my lap, or only slightly participated. So here is what I captured.

Rubbings of ovals. (MGT)


Making a beak. (MGT)


Showing off his painting to Daddy.


This is a prewriting activity. He is supposed to trace the dotted lines. He wasn’t feeling that great when we originally did it, so later he decided to come back to it.


Letters and Number Work

He loves these alphabet flashcards. In fact, anything with letters on it is a huge hit. He can actually name 8 letters and identify them. That is pretty great for a little guy with a speech delay.


Working with our hands-on number 7. (MGT)


I placed the hands on number 7 on his shelf after I introduced it, and he chose it on another day as well!IMG_4699

Hands on letter B (MGT). He loves these. He chose them several times, even when he was sick.


I have 3 magnetic boards in our playroom. One of them has magnetic letters all over it. Alligator loves pulling them off and walking to the other board and putting them on it.  So this is the sequence… (he is actually saying the name of the letter, hence the weird face.


This was prior to him getting really sick. We went outside because the weather was so nice. He loves letters so much, that he refused to come out with out his bag of foam letters.



Our themed sensory tub.


I finally thought of something for him to do with the strings that are on our eggs.


Finding Food for his bird. (MGT)


Giving the owl his flying feathers (MGT)


The Owl kept tipping over, so I finally taped him to the wall. I am going to keep him out for a while.


Choice Time

Alligator got this for Christmas. It is a Noah’s Arc from Fisher Price. I love to hear his little sound effects as the animals “walk” up and into the arc.


Alligator loves puzzles


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  1. Great sensory tub! =) Also love the beak craft! =)