Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birds and Eggs Sensory Tub

Throughout the month of March (and slightly beyond) our theme will be Birds and Eggs. We are going to be using the curriculum kit from Mother Goose Time.

I decided to make up a sensory tub for the boys with the same theme.


Inside is some blue rice. To learn how to dye it try this link. I could have used bird seed, but we didn’t have any on hand. I like the small size of rice because the kids can practice pouring, scooping, measuring with it.

I also found some eggs from the dollar tree. They have a ribbon on them, I decided to leave them on so that we maybe could use them somehow. When I figure it out I will do a post about it. There are 2 of each colored egg, so that will be fun for matching.

I added some feathers.

Then I went through our toys and pulled out the birds I could find to add to the mix.


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  1. cute tub we need to go to dollar tree sometime. love your blog design I'm sure I've told you that already but if not it is super cute.