Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plans for the future

First off…my computer is now fixed. Thank goodness. I am so happy to be blogging from my computer, rather than my ipod touch. That is a bit hard to do!

Second, I have decided on my plans for the boys “school”. As you know they both attend preschool Alligator 2 mornings a week, and Monkey 3 full days, and 2 half days. So really, Monkey is covered, school wise. He has chosen this schedule, and loves school. Alligator still needs some Tot School though.

Monkey plans:

I will play toys with Monkey. He has lots of them and I just need to spend our time playing. I am still on the lookout for activities to do with him, but mostly our time will involve playing with our toys, his Kumon craft book, his Kumon maze book and then some Time for Tots activities. Nothing too structured as his whole day is very structured. The poor kid needs some down time.

Alligator plans:

I am totally loving the tot school printables from 1+1+1=1. Most of you probably follow her already, but if you don’t you should. Alligator loves what we have done so far, and the Power Point slide show for letter A is a huge hit. I really hope she makes more! It is so developmentally appropriate for my Alligator! Just totally in love!

Going along with the letter and theme from above, I will also plan some gross motor activities to go along with the them. As well as a sensory bin. Alligator loves the alphabet and anything with letters, so we will continue to play with all things letters!

We will also do some Time for Tots activities. If you haven’t already you need to check them out!

As the weather gets better, we will be spending more and more time at various parks, in our own backyard, and eventually in the pool.

I have decided to put on hold the Mother Goose time activities. The boys have been sort of crazy lately and I find myself more interested then they are. So I have packed it away for now, and might bring it out again in the summer.

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