Thursday, February 17, 2011

Closet Clean Out….number 3

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I am so excited….I know have a craft/learning closet. Which houses all my materials!!!!!

These are my before pictures….

IMG_4489 IMG_4488

Here it is after 3 days of work!

Here is the closet~



A place for everything and everything in its place.

I repurposed the shelves from our playroom. The top shelf has all of our art supplies.


The second shelf has my laminator and pouches, and a tub for things I want to laminate next time I decide to laminate. It takes a bit of time to get the laminator warmed up, so when ever I have spare time, I will laminate the things in my bin.


The Middle shelf has a big bin that houses all my paper, and folders. So they are ready to go. I do have a bag that has a car craft in it, a big dice, and 2 tot activities also on that shelf right now. But I think I am going to move them downstairs.


The bottom shelf has a box with stickers, one with stamps, and our pompoms, recyclables (things like jars, clean plates), and then a tub with pipe cleaners, string and popsicle sticks. I got the green shoe boxes at Target in there dollar isle. Oddly enough they were $2.50 each (not a dollar, as I am learning not everything there is a dollar) but they were 50% off. They are awesome. I am going to buy more if they are there next time.


I bought this giant shoe organizer and the boxes from them at Amazon. Each drawer has a holiday listed on it. And inside will go all materials related to that holiday. I am also going to make a list of the activities we do that are related to that theme, so I can do them again next year. Most of the stuff in these drawers I can use years down the road with my own boys, or when I go back to teaching.

I have room for another in the closet. I might use it, for separating out activities. For instance, have a drawer for Color activities, or shape activities…I am just not sure yet if that is what I want to do. We’ll see!


The first closet shelf has all my kits that I have gotten from Time for Tots, of that I have made up myself. They are all labeled individually, but I also made a sign that is hanging, to let me know what kits we have. That way when I am trying to find things for the boys to do, that will jog my memory.

IMG_4506 IMG_4507     

And FInally my top shelf has a box of playdough, activity bags that I made a while ago, some books, and a tub of our sensory bin materials. IMG_4514

I am really thrilled. It is so much easier to find things.

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