Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our playroom/activity area

Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 has a linky going on to share our tot-school areas. Check out the other areas here.


Our area for tot-school is our play room. I didn’t pick up before sharing, I just took pics as they were.


This is the far wall in our play room. We have a train table, and a karioke machine. On the left you can see a small shelving unit that I put our trays on(more on that below).


Here is a close up of those shelves. The top 2 rows are Monkey’s trays (he is 4). And the bottom 2 shelves are Alligator’s trays.  We also have a giant bag of cups, because Monkey loves to build with them. You can also see a “cars” coloring pad, that the boys use.


Here is our shelving units (it is actually 3) where I store all the boy’s toys. My goal is to get as much of the clutter off of the shelves as possible, but it is a work in progress.



This is our art area. It is an Alex table, I removed one of the benches because Alligator loves to color and climb up on the table. I have 3 cork boards, and 3 magnetic/chalk boards holding all the art behind the table.



OK, so after showing off our play room, I am realizing how badly cluttered it is. So I will fix it. You will see a new post in the coming days to show it de-cluttered.


  1. Love that you showed it how it really looks. :)

  2. I know what you mean about decluttering...I took pictures and then was like hmmmm maybe I should paint this or move this.... BTW Cute Table!!

  3. Thanks. It has definitly inspired me to declutter. I have already started working on it. I will be posting soon the changes!

  4. I love how you've got the train table set up permanently! We're constantly having to repack our train set off the living room floor... :)

    Nice art center and table, too.

  5. the clutter shows how much your boys play in there, which is a good thing : ). I like your table too! Where is it from?

  6. You should take a look at my before pictures when I redid our school room. You could barely walk through it at one point. LOL

    I love how you have everything set up. Those storage shelves are so cute.

  7. that is a great play area/ mommy school :)
    LOVE the art table!!! :)

  8. So fun! You are so inspirational - wish I were more motivated to be like you.