Monday, June 21, 2010

Tot-school – June 20th 2010


Alligator is 16 months.


To view what other’s are doing for Tot-school please click the link above.


This week was my first week to really plan tot-school for Alligator. See my planning post here.


Language Development


We worked with his U-play mat.


He found my pen that I keep notes on our “sessions” with.


And then he decided to add to my notes.


IMG_3303 IMG_3306

He finger painted and added to it with a crayon.

IMG_3314 IMG_3315

He painted with with black paint. He also did a tremendous amount of coloring, as usual.



We sang and played the drums this week. Alex realized he could make the drum go by kissing it.

Other toys

IMG_3290 IMG_3294

He got really good at placing the balls in the spots.


He enjoyed his fisher-price farm.


He loved the handles on this bucket.

All in all we had a very busy week!

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  1. love that he added his thoughts to your notes :)

    looks like a fun week!