Friday, June 25, 2010

Young Toddler Activity- high chair drop and retrieve

I am trying to come up with some new activities for Alligator, who will be  months on Monday. Here is one I learned about from one of my many activity books.


Materials: tape, string or ribbon, toys, highchair


1. Attach the string or ribbon to the high chair with tape.


Be careful and mindful that this could be a strangulation hazard, so be conscious of how much string you use.

2. Tie some small toys to the string.



1. Seat your child in the seat.

2. Show him or her the toys.

3. Show him or her how to toss them overboard.

4. Show him or her how to pull them back up.


In Action:

Here is Alligator playing with Elmo and a truck. He hasn’t quite learned to retrieve it yet, but he enjoyed having the toys to play with.


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  1. Fun I think this is one that is in that book active learning for ones.