Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So far this week…

So far this week we have accomplished some activities.

Alligator's trays include 3 pegs and a shape to stick them in. He actually was really good at getting the shape in the hole.



I was quite impressed with his fine motor control.


He is also our artist. He loves to color/scribble. Given a choice he takes off for the art table, sits in the seat and colors. It is quite amazing! If things ever get too quiet, I’ll check, and he is almost always busy scribbling.

IMG_3234 IMG_3237

Here is Alligator and Monkey coloring again. This time with sidewalk chalk.


We have a pool, so Monkey is dressed for swimming. Which is another thing we have been doing this week, since it is HOT!


I also set up a tray of water and some water toys today. Although we have a pool, I don’t really like to take both boys in the water without DH home. So this was our alternative. Alligator played with it about long enough for me to take this picture.



Monkey on the other hand had a great time.

Indoor activities for Monkey included building with his marble tower.


And an activity from Itty Bitty Bookworm. where we sorted the animals and bugs based on the number of legs. He even sorted himself.


So that is what we have been up to!

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