Monday, June 21, 2010

Preschool Corner 6-20-10


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Monkey is 4 years and 3 months old.

One thing mommy realized this week is that I planned way too much. I had plans for 6 trays for 5 days. I should have planned for only 4 days and maybe only 5 trays. We’ll finish up these themes next week, and then I’ll take this info into account next week.


We have been working on the color black.

This is all the things Monkey could find that are black


This was a cut and glue activity. He had to sort the objects that were black, from the ones that were not black. (printable from Kid’s Soup) Here is one side of his paper.

IMG_3309 IMG_3312

He painted with black to make an ant. His brother got in on the painting as well. We have yet to finish the ant.


Monkey dotted red paint (for apples) onto a paper with a giant Aa on it. He used a cork to make the circles.

Letter A


We also made an airplane out of a toilet paper roll. Printable again from Kid’s Soup. I must say I did most of the work, but he had fun playing with it.


Other Things we did, that I have no pictures of….

We spent every morning at the park. Where Monkey loved riding his bike.

Monkey did a connect the dots to make an A. We used an apple printable that had numbers on each apple, and he placed that many star stickers on the apple.

We spent a ton of time in the pool.

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