Monday, June 7, 2010

Tot-school- 6-6-10

This is our first tot-school post in a long while.

Currently Alligator is 16 months. He is my little miracle. On a very exciting note, he just started walking as of 6-6-10, yesterday. We are so thrilled! He will take 3-5 steps in a row! Can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

Places to go-----

One of our favorite places to visit is Bounce-n-play. I try and take the kids once a week, but it is an hour drive to get there, so it takes a big effort. Alligator has a great time, he loves the bouncy things. He bounces on his knees, it is so cute. He also loves the giant slides!


There is a special area with toys, and climbing things just for the under 3 crowd.


Inside the under 3 area they a little ball area which all three of my boys love (husband included).




This is where I store Alligator's trays. The bottom to shelves are his. On the bottom shelf in the blue bucket is our sound basket. Alligator is working on making the B sound with his speech therapist. So that bucket has all sorts of toys in it that begin with the B sound. I am not actually teaching him letters, just trying to get him to practice making that sound. So it has a bear, boy, blocks, book, bird, bugs, and a sheep that says “baaaaa”.


For Alex’s trays I have six set out. One of them is 3 pegs and a rectangle.


It is from this set. Which I got on sale for $8. Hoot!


Also in the above picture, I have a shoe box with 2 holes in it. It is for parking a car in, and trying to get out. This was pretty much a bust, he had no interest.

He has a 3 piece puzzle which he enjoys. It is similar to the one below, but not the same. He likes taking the pieces out, and he can put the circle piece back in place.



Other fun stuff


This is actually one of Monkey’s trays which was little magnets.Alligator really enjoyed pulling the magnets on and off the board. They are little, so I was very very very carefully watching him with them. I was amazed his little fingers were strong enough.




And then we have my colorer. Alligator is our artist. He chooses coloring over anything else. Here he is at our art table, coloring away.



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  1. we love our inflatable zones even Froggi and she is 9 almost 10!

    love the puzzle!

  2. Hi, just coming over from 1+1+1. I read about your son's B sound therapy and I have a question about speech therapy. I'd just like another Mom's no pressure! My daughter isn't talking yet and is 16 months. I can't decide if I should get her evaluated or not. Recently we've been teaching her some sign language and it's nice that she can "say" banana, smoothie..ect. She also isn't walking, so I think she might just be going at her own pace, but I still wonder if she could use some help! I had preclampsia and she was born at 37 weeks, although the peds we've seen don't think that's important. Sorry for the long comment!

  3. Aylin- It is free to have them evaluated. You could talk to you doctor and see what they think. Or you can call your local early intervention yourself. They will send someone out and decide if they think it would be worth while to have her evaluated. Even if they think she doesn't need a full eval. they will give you some good suggestions. Alex is catching up now, and isn't that far behind, but he was very far behind before. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!