Thursday, June 10, 2010


So after my post last night, and a few helpful comments. I decided on a course of action.

I will have 6 trays. Each with a specific curriculum area. Here is my planning sheet. I downloaded it to scribd, but it took away some formatting, so it isn’t as pretty.

planning page Jack


As you can see I have 6 trays, one for a letter activity, puzzle, math, color, story and activity and other. I have never really used a planning sheet before. So this is new for me, and seems like it will be very helpful. I was able to plan a whole week of activities in less than an hour.

1. I am starting with the letter A. I decided to go ahead through the alphabet and focus more on  beginning sounds than letter recognition since Monkey already knows his letters and their sounds, we are now going to focus more on the words that begin with A.

2. Puzzle, I am going to rotate through our puzzles, and maybe some printable ones. Monkey needs practice putting a whole puzzle together that makes a picture.

3. Is math, some of these activities will go with the letter or color. Like a connect the dots page, or a count out the apples. That sort of thing.

4. Color. Monkey knows his colors, however he struggles with black, white, brown, gray, pink, and purple. So we will focus on that for now, not sure what we will do after that. Next week we are focusing on Black.

5. Is a story and an activity. We will read a different book each day and do an activity with it. Maybe pointing at all the A’s, or counting things in the book, or finding black things in the pictures.

6. is other, one day we are going on an ant hunt, another we will play with play-doh and make letters then just free play, we will also have a day where we play with our colored rice.


I am so excited about our plans! Can’t wait to post pics of how it is going!


  1. sounds great can't wait to see all you do! Gidget has fun with rotating stuff in and out. the only thing that stays out is her montessori letters and sound sort cards. blogging about that today or tomorrow.

  2. Hi! Great planning sheet! I have planned for my older ones but for some reason I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around planning tot school. :) Thanks for sharing your ideas!
    PS- I think it was homeschool creations did a post about a speech therapy webiste / program.. let me see if I can find it for you.. Glad things are going well!! :)

  3. Yeah! I found it! Here is her review and the website

    Here it is

    and the website is
    Hope it give you another resource to pull from! :)