Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Non-Open Ended Art- Train mosaic

I have to thank my friend Shannon for hosting the most wonderful carnival. It is normally Open Ended Art, but this week we are sharing our crafts. Check it out here.

Monkey loves this kit I bought off of Amazon. image

It basically has a piece of cardboard with designs on it and then either a square, triangle or circle outline (in color). Then the child peels off the foam shapes and places them in the “correct” spot. Now, some kids may not like this, but Monkey loves this sort of thing.

He loves that everything has a place. When projects are more open ended he will glue a couple of things and be done. But this, he sat for over 20 minutes and meticulously placed each shape in the correct spot. LOVED IT!

Here is the finished train:


He has started the boat, rocket and the helicopter but not finished any of them yet.

They also have kits of pets and pretty things (which is definitely girly).


  1. What patience! He did a terrific job =)

  2. This is a cute craft - I am impressed with how well he stayed with it. I am kind of tempted to get it for my daughter now, but maybe I'll try to make my own.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I think that D would have alot of fun with something like that.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog. Love the name, as I have two little boys myself! This kit looks like fun.