Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin fun!

We had a blast with our pumpkins this year. Both boys were really into it.

Even Alligator got into the spirit of the holiday. Here he is feeling the gooey guts!IMG_2405

Monkey enjoyed himself as well. He hammered pegs into his pumpkin. He was very serious about this process. I swear he didn’t move from his seat for 20 minutes. He was totally into it!


And here I am working away on the pumpkins. I am showing this picture primarily because there are very few pictures of me, and even fewer where I look half-way-decent.


So here are the finished pumpkins! We decorated a pumpkin for everyone. Alligator and his pumpkin both have one top middle tooth.IMG_2433

This is slightly off topic. But, I just have to share a picture of Alligator in his new baby legs. I love how cute he looks. I had never bought them before, but man he is precious in them!


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