Friday, October 14, 2011

At home car racing game

The other night, Monkey and I were trying to think of something fun to do. He said he had an idea for a game. This game was completely his idea, and I thought it was really fun, so I decided to share.

The first thing you need is a starting point and ending point. Ours was fairly long, it went from our entry way, down our hall, and around the corner to our living room. I would say (just estimating) a good 15-20 feet.

Then you need a car (like a matchbox car) for each player.

You also need a dice.

Basic play is you roll the dice.


Whatever number it lands on that is how many little pushed you give your car; with the goal being to be the first to the finish line.


Monkey decided that one of the numbers (in our case 4) should be a pirate. If you roll the pirate, then you crash your car into another car, and that car has to start back from wherever you hit him, but your car goes back to where it was at the beginning of you turn.


First one to the finish wins!!!!!

It was really fun, and very creative!