Monday, October 24, 2011

Visual schedule

One of the things we are working on with Alligator is transitions. They are just really hard for him. So it was suggested that a visual schedule may help.

Wow, what a lot of work.


I found 2 great sights that had some cards premade.

I also made some of my own, like the ones with our pictures on them.

So the idea is that I will have the schedule up in the morning. Then Alligator and I can talk about it, and what our day looks like. As we complete items, he gets to take the cards down, and place them in a basket.


Some that need some explanation.

Mommy Time- This will be time that Alligator will spend with me, we might to a gross motor activity, we might do a game, or a printable. But it will be time specifically that I have devoted with him.

Room Time- This will be about 15 minutes (for now) that Alex will play in his room. I will bring up an activity bin, or he can read. But it is time for him to play by himself in his room. I will check on him occasionally, but mainly he will be playing independently.

Home Work- This is time both Alligator and Monkey will work on activities at the table. I will help them both but it is table work time.

Bucket Time- This is a time when I will set out 3 different buckets of toys. We have so many toys, and so few of them are played with. So he will have the option of playing with these toys. Things that he might not choose himself, but will enjoy being re-introduced to. This is a little more independent time. I will get him started, then do a bit of housework, then check on him here and there to  help guide play.

So far this is really helping. We have a lot less tantrums, since he knows what is coming next.

We’ll see, how next week goes.

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  1. What a creative way to move through the day! I bet he loves being able to see what is coming next!