Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Routine App

This post is completely my own, I was not compensated in any way!
I am totally in love with an App for my new i-phone. I totally love it.
You can check it out here!
There are many different sections, as you can see from the picture below. This really helps me remember things to do, and also to really get my home in order. I am totally loving it.
This is the main screen.
Here is my morning routine. After taking Monkey to school, I come home and do this before we do anything else. The only thing I might put off till later is the 15 minutes in a focus zone.
It has a setting for evening routines. Again you can easily adapt it to fit your lifestyle!
Here is mine.
You can add things to your to do list for today, this week, and later. Again you earn stars as you do them. You can add things quite easily or move or delete them.
One of the sections it has is zones. If you have ever read anything by Flylady, zones will be familiar to you. Originally I used the app to break my house down into weekly zones. But then I realized you can work on one zone each day. You can choose to take the weekends off, or use the option for 7 zones, for me the weekends are spent between cleaning out my car, and yard work.
If you were to click on a zone you would see a list of things to do in that area. As you complete them, you earn a gold star…LOVE IT!
image image

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