Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Soup… Sensory Activity

It is really good for toddlers and preschoolers (really all children) to be exposed to different sensory activities. I put a theme to it (since it is close to Thanksgiving) and told the boys we’d be making Turkey Soup.

Here is what I used:

  • Muffin tins with different materials in them. We used: green stones, foam beads, cut up plastic lacing string, foam leafs, some beans, pom-poms, and a feather….(it is Turkey soup after all…so 1 big “turkey” feather.



  • I used a big pot of warm water  (not hot, but warm, again for the sensory sensation. They have all played in cool water in pools and stuff, but warm water was a newer sensation.
  • I also had a small plastic bowl, in case they wanted to ladle out some soup for “tasting”



  • I also set out a variety of spoons, measuring cups.
  • Also I used an old shaker, and put flour in it for the boys to shake in their soup, as well as a little bottle of blue water (extra flavoring)
  • You’ll notice I had 2 of everything set out. I thought for this activity it would be best that they made their own, and didn’t have to share, we’ll work on that another time.



Once I had all the materials out I let Alligator go at it. I have never seen him play with something this long. He really enjoyed it!

Some items floated while others sank, he seemed to like testing to see what would happen.



There was a lot of spooning, which is great for fine motor.



He also loved the shaker!

    IMG_5953 IMG_5961

Here is a close up of his Turkey Soup.


Both boys really enjoyed this activity. It is definitely something we will do again!

IMG_5956  IMG_5960

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