Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chore Cards for Mom

Last week I joined Mama Jenn to complete a mission by the end of September. You can see my post about it here. Her mission (which you can read about by clicking the Mama Jenn link in the first sentence) was to get back to using her SHE cards. Well, as you know my mission is to give up my nap, but her mission got me thinking.

I have ready Sidetracked Home Executive, I have done Flylady before as well. So I decided to do a simplified version of the cards.

Here is what I did.

I have a 2 blue cards that I do everyday. They are my morning routine and my evening routine.

Each red card is a room our house, except I lumped the bathrooms all together onto one card.  Which ever card I pick, for instance living room, means that I will spend approximately 30 minutes working in the living room, straightening, organizing, cleaning, whatever needs to be done.

I have green cards, these are organizing missions. They each take about 15 minutes. For example, one says pick a drawer or two and spend 15 minutes cleaning it out/organizing it.

I also have purple cards. These, again, are approximately 15 min chores as well.  These include vacuuming upstairs, downstairs, mopping the kitchen, cleaning out my car, and changing the sheets in the house.


What makes it fun is that each day I randomly select 1 red card, 1 blue card and 1 green card. I don’t know what they are going to be, which adds a bit of excitement to the cleaning for the day. Once I have used one of the cards I put it face down so I know I have done that one already. When each red card (for example) is done, I shuffle and start again the next day.


Here is a pdf of my cards. Feel free to use what I have. Check it out here.

In the end, I have my morning and evening routine, 1 30 min task (which cleans a room), 1 15 min organizational task, and 1 15 min cleaning chore.

So far I am loving it!

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