Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday


I have decided to join up for the blog carnival of Tiny Talk Tuesday. Click the picture above to see what others are saying…


Monkey: Mommy, can I have some dog candy in a bowl. ( our little dog takes a medication every day, so we give it to him in a junior mint, and the junior mint is what monkey wanted).


Mommy: Monkey I need to talk to you

Monkey: Mommy, what more could you possibly want?


Mommy: Monkey come on and eat your oatmeal.

Monkey: I want emm-nmm-nmms (M&Ms)

Mommy: You need to have something healthy for breakfast.

Moneky: I don’t like healthy food!


  1. Monkey, I don't like healthy food either. But I guess sometimes you gotta move beyond M&M's. If you want to be able to move at all, that is.

  2. Oh, healthy food is hard for me too. I agree :)

    Love the "what more could you possibly want?" LOL

    Happy TTT