Thursday, August 5, 2010

Playroom cleaned out!

Yes, I am back to blogging.


I spent the good part of this morning organizing the play room. See this post for semi-before pictures.


Here is all the garbage and good-will bags. There were just so many toys the boys are too old for now. 3 Wal-mart bags worth of give-aways, and 2 bags of trash.



This is a shelf that I am using to put Alligators toys on. That way he can see them and play with them as he chooses.(You can see some of the trash bags still, sorry!)

I also have a bin of books for him to look at.


Starting from the left you can see (on the floor) 2 more bins of books. Then our toy storage. It is all organized. So everything has a home now. You can also see the train table and our leapfrog table toy.



Here is our art corner. and our rocking horses. I also have a map of the world up. The second picture below shows a little more of that area. It also show a new toy we got at a consignment shop. You feed the pelican the food and it shows up in his tummy. I thought that would be a good standing up toy for Alligator.



I am so excited to finally have this room organized so we can enjoy it, and actually use it to play in!


  1. Woo hoo, mommy! Looks great. Maybe your successes rub off onto me and encourage me to clean my house out!

  2. Oh this post makes me so excited to move and have our very cool (and dare I say organized) playroom!