Saturday, June 25, 2011

Preschool Corner

We have finally gotten back to some after-schooling this week. And it has been a total blast. Monkey especially loves doing learning activities with me. So he is a complete joy to work with.

Mother Goose Time

Monkey and I did some Mother Goose Time activities this week. I let him look through the lesson plan book, and decide what he wanted to make. He chose the flashlight, and the star. Apparently I didn’t get any pictures of his work  on the stars. But I did get a couple of pictures of the play flashlight he made, and the dance that he and Alligator did to the flashlight song.


Sight Word Work

Monkey is now noticing some of the words he knows when we are out and about. Like, the other day he saw the word ‘you’ on a box at the store, he recognized it and said “look mom, that box has the word “you” on it, isn’t that one of our words?'” So they are really becoming immediate in his little brain. Which is AWESOME!

We are adding to our Caterpillar. (The idea is from The Moffat Girls, but we aren’t following their program exactly, so I have made circles to that have our words on it, to add.)


Connecting the words, from Carisa’s printables.


Sight word Binge, again from 1+1+1=1.


Stamp the word.


He loves a water gun. So we invented shoot the word. I wrote this weeks words on our porch. Then we rolled our dice, and he had to find the word that came off and shoot it with the water gun…hey, what ever works right???


Workbook Fun

We bought some great workbooks from Barnes and Noble. They are based off of Disney animate shows, like Cars, and Handy Manny. This one is about measurement, and Monkey really likes it. At first he measured with blocks, but then he wanted to try measuring with his measurement tape (they gave it to us when we registered him for school). He caught on quick to lining up the “0” with the start of the item he was measuring.


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  1. Looks like a fun week. We love the Disney workbooks too. C is working on the Cars sight word one now.

    never a dull moment