Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outdoor Adventures--- Window Paint



I decided to start with window painting.
I originally was going to use our finger-paints and add soap to it. When I tried it, however, it separated. So we ended up using straight finger-paint.  It wasn’t very bright. I think next time I will use our tempera paint, and water it down with soupy water.

Action Shots

Here are some pictures of Monkey in action.
Here is my Alligator…not participating. He is reading a teacher book of mine about the alphabet…lol…what can I say, he loves anything letters!
We washed the first layer off with the hose, then monkey painted again.
He decided it would be fun to try to wash it off with his water gun!

What do I think????

Alligator hated the whole idea. Monkey liked it. It kept him busy for about 10 minutes. But then, he was done.
I wonder if we had used tempera paint if it would have captured his interest more. But I am doubting it!

Will I do it again?

Maybe! I know it won’t keep him busy long, though.
Guess, we’ll try something else.

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