Monday, July 11, 2011

Virginia Beach Vacation

My family and I just took an awesome vacation to Virginia Beach. We had a blast, and it was so fun to get away! Virgina Beach is ideal for us because it is only a few hours drive (okay, about 5, and we only had a few meltdowns in the car).

Here are my top 10 reasons you should visit Virginia Beach for your Vacation!

What could be better than that! The cool ocean, the pristine beaches!
2. Cuddling up with the kiddos and enjoying the scenery!
3. The beach isn’t crazy crowded, but not deserted either, so your kids can find someone to play with. Monkey makes friends so easily, and each day he was able to find a new best friend to play with. It is so nice for him to have a buddy to play with, and so nice for me too!.
4. The hotels are right on the beach, so you don’t have far to carry all of your kid’s stuff! We are all about the stuff! We have chairs, towels, umbrellas, sodas, snacks, toys, books, ipods, cameras, phones….but the other good news, if you forgot anything it isn’t that bad, because the hotels are right there!
5. The kids are tuckered out at bed time and nap time, so they actually sleep!
6. The Virginia Beach Aquarium, is real close and so much fun. Lots of hands on stuff to see and do! They even have an I-Max theater, (however my kids can’t sit still, so we did not partake).
7. Krispy Kreme is our favorite breakfast stop. Not only are the donuts great, but it is a “field trip” too because you can actually watch through the windows, and see the donuts being made.
8. The waves are pretty mild, so even your little ones can get in. Plus, Mommy’s hair stays dry! The added bonus that the water was way warmer than I was expecting, so I was happy to be in the water, and not a mom-cicle.
9. My youngest loved digging in the sand. I mean look at that pretty sand! He loves to dig, and he made plenty of castles. But mainly he just had fun burying his feet.
10 My kids actually got along, and shared, since we were having so much fun!
As you can see we had a wonderful time, and you would to! There is just so much to do. We are pure beach lovers, so we spent most waking minutes on the beach, but you could also visit Mt Trashmore park, the Mariner’s museum, or check out the local theater scene!
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