Thursday, July 28, 2011

15 Minute Makeover

I have a new idea for a regular spot on my blog. As I have started to get more organized, I have begun to read a lot of books on the subject. Many of the books I have read give you a daily task to accomplish. But what I have noticed is that these tasks aren’t always what I need to do. Like organize the fridge, I had already done that recently. There are some projects that I personally needed to get to, but are very specific to my house.
So yesterday I walked through my house and wrote down a list of projects I need to accomplish. They are more own little trouble spots, all throughout the house.
In the living room, for instance, I need to:
  • Clean out under the coffee table
  • Clean out the “toy corner” (this is a spot where our toys end up, we have a play room, so the toys should really be in there)
  • organize the movies
I tried to break down the projects so that I could do each task in about 15 minutes. So, for instance, in my bedroom I need to do the closet. But I wrote down:
  • closet shelves
  • go through hanging clothes
  • closet floor
That way it is broken into pieces that I can accomplish in between playing with the boys, or more pertinent household tasks like doing the dishes.
Another trick that I find fun, is when I am watching TV at night (by myself), I will pause it during the commercials and work for 5-15 minutes per commercial break. Then when the timer rings I go back to watching my show.
The reason for the 15 minute project is something I learned from Flylady. She states on her website, that you can do anything for 15 minutes. It is pretty true. You don’t have to do the whole room, or the whole closet, just 15 mintues, will make a huge difference!
In the coming days you will see many of my projects. I will post pictures of my projects, so you can see how it is going, and so can I.
I thought I would blog the befores and afters to make it even more fun. Who doesn’t like seeing their accomplishments!
Can’t wait to start sharing….now….where is my timer! Gotta GO!


  1. Great ideas!! I so need to do this and get into a routine. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Sure! I already did a few, but forgot to take pictures. So I will post soon, so you can see my first makeover! If you do it and post about it, please leave me a link, I would love to check it out, and so would my readers!