Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My stylish boys

Monkey and Alligator are so different it is unbelievable.

Monkey will wear anything, he could care less. He takes no notice, in fact he would go naked most of the time if I would let him.




OK, so maybe we do a little too much naked around here!

I did buy him an Elmo shirt once that was supposed to look vintage, and he wouldn’t wear it because he said it looked “dirty”. He does get a  little excited about character shirts, especially Lightning McQueen and Thomas. The only item of clothing he truly cares about though are his CROCKS. He loves them!

Alligator, who is only 2 and a half, loves to accessorize. Anything he can turn into a bracelet, he does. Whether he is demands mine, or he finds something that will do (like a stacking toy).  He is also into what is on his shirt. Whether it is a truck, or a lion, he will point to it and tell you all about it (in his 2 year old speak).

He also likes a hat, Monkey refuses a hat for more than about 2 minutes, but not my Alligator.He is all about the accessories!

IMG_5145  IMG_5100

Oh, and shoes!!!! He has swim shoes that he loves to wear anytime, except when he is swimming. He gets so excited about them, and then has to show them off to everyone we see “ook, ook, soes.” In toddler speak it means “Look, Look, SHoes” LOL!

I like to dress my boys up a bit. My mom buys them lots of Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. I love that look! It is so clean, and preppy looking on the little ones.



I think at this point style matters more to me than to them. Although Alligator cares a little. I am sure as they get older it will mean more to them. So for now, I am enjoying dressing them up. Soon, they will have way too many ideas of their own! In fact, with Kindergarten starting in the next few weeks, he may very well come home with his own ideas based on what the other kids are wearing. Just please, please, no cammo!!!!! But in this, hunting town, the chances are slim!

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