Sunday, July 31, 2011

15 minute Makeover #2

It is amazing what you live with because you think you don’t have time to fix it.

My bathroom is the ultimate example. I am supposed to be getting ready for church, but as I walk into my bathroom, I am just taken aback by the mess on the counter. How am I supposed to get ready with all of this around me?


I mean, I can’t get to the sink, can’t turn on my hair straightener. It is just a total mess. I have been dealing with it for weeks.

But today, I decided to grab a picture, then start on the makeover.

IMG_5711 IMG_5710

Do you know how long this took!

Less than 8 minutes! Plus I cleaned out the basket that hasn’t been cleaned out since Monkey was born, and I cleaned the counters, and sink!

I mean seriously! Why do I put up with it!?!?!?!

So what do you put up with, that can be fixed in under 15 minutes? I think you’d be surprised!!!!!

Leave me a comment and/or a link and tell me about it!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun at the fair

We recently went to a local “lawn party”. We all had a great time, so I have to share the pictures.
Alligator and Monkey enjoyed the carousal.
Alligator could hardly wait for the next ride.
Then they went on a motorcycle ride. They loved it and rode it multiple times.
Monkey and I rode the swings.
I got too dizzy so he rode it again without me.

We rode a rollercoaster together as a family (a little kid one…but it was scary enough for me.)
As we were leaving Monkey pushed Jack in his stroller.
Then they waited in line for the giant slide. But, Daddy got a few snuggles first.

It was very tall!
But they survived!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping Themed Preschool activities

Lately we have been doing activities from Mother Goose Times Camping theme. The boys have really enjoyed it.
We made backpacks out of paper bags.

 IMG_5603   IMG_5599 
We made camp dioramas.
 IMG_5609 IMG_5611 IMG_5612 IMG_5613
We made racoons. Alligator loved feeding his, and Monkey and I played a game of guess which food the racoon ate. (picture of food came with the racoon)

We made crackling fire sticks (OK I made Alligators, but he had fun shaking it.)
  IMG_5687 IMG_5689
Monkey enjoyed working on his Camping ABC book (Alligator is still obsessed with the alphabet so he loved reading his)
We also made and then practiced drawing guitars (they book had step by step directions, which Monkey enjoyed).
IMG_5692 IMG_5695
THe boys have made many tents over the last several weeks, and they even spent some time in a sleeping bag.

15 Minute Makeover….#1

I completed my first makeover. The area that I was working on was the “toy corner”. It is basically the place in our living room where toys, shoes…just above everything gets stored. Instead of putting it away, it ends up here.


I set my timer for 15 minutes and got to work. The timer is really helpful to keep me on task. It is so easy to get distracted! 

My main rule is that I put away as I clean up. I don’t want to mess up other parts of the house while I clean up one area. So I put away as I clear out.

When I finished the project, I checked the timer….10 minutes was all it took!


IMG_5705 IMG_5706  

Awwww….so much better.

Plus, I got to cross it off my list of projects to complete!

15 Minute Makeover

I have a new idea for a regular spot on my blog. As I have started to get more organized, I have begun to read a lot of books on the subject. Many of the books I have read give you a daily task to accomplish. But what I have noticed is that these tasks aren’t always what I need to do. Like organize the fridge, I had already done that recently. There are some projects that I personally needed to get to, but are very specific to my house.
So yesterday I walked through my house and wrote down a list of projects I need to accomplish. They are more own little trouble spots, all throughout the house.
In the living room, for instance, I need to:
  • Clean out under the coffee table
  • Clean out the “toy corner” (this is a spot where our toys end up, we have a play room, so the toys should really be in there)
  • organize the movies
I tried to break down the projects so that I could do each task in about 15 minutes. So, for instance, in my bedroom I need to do the closet. But I wrote down:
  • closet shelves
  • go through hanging clothes
  • closet floor
That way it is broken into pieces that I can accomplish in between playing with the boys, or more pertinent household tasks like doing the dishes.
Another trick that I find fun, is when I am watching TV at night (by myself), I will pause it during the commercials and work for 5-15 minutes per commercial break. Then when the timer rings I go back to watching my show.
The reason for the 15 minute project is something I learned from Flylady. She states on her website, that you can do anything for 15 minutes. It is pretty true. You don’t have to do the whole room, or the whole closet, just 15 mintues, will make a huge difference!
In the coming days you will see many of my projects. I will post pictures of my projects, so you can see how it is going, and so can I.
I thought I would blog the befores and afters to make it even more fun. Who doesn’t like seeing their accomplishments!
Can’t wait to start sharing….now….where is my timer! Gotta GO!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My stylish boys

Monkey and Alligator are so different it is unbelievable.

Monkey will wear anything, he could care less. He takes no notice, in fact he would go naked most of the time if I would let him.




OK, so maybe we do a little too much naked around here!

I did buy him an Elmo shirt once that was supposed to look vintage, and he wouldn’t wear it because he said it looked “dirty”. He does get a  little excited about character shirts, especially Lightning McQueen and Thomas. The only item of clothing he truly cares about though are his CROCKS. He loves them!

Alligator, who is only 2 and a half, loves to accessorize. Anything he can turn into a bracelet, he does. Whether he is demands mine, or he finds something that will do (like a stacking toy).  He is also into what is on his shirt. Whether it is a truck, or a lion, he will point to it and tell you all about it (in his 2 year old speak).

He also likes a hat, Monkey refuses a hat for more than about 2 minutes, but not my Alligator.He is all about the accessories!

IMG_5145  IMG_5100

Oh, and shoes!!!! He has swim shoes that he loves to wear anytime, except when he is swimming. He gets so excited about them, and then has to show them off to everyone we see “ook, ook, soes.” In toddler speak it means “Look, Look, SHoes” LOL!

I like to dress my boys up a bit. My mom buys them lots of Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. I love that look! It is so clean, and preppy looking on the little ones.



I think at this point style matters more to me than to them. Although Alligator cares a little. I am sure as they get older it will mean more to them. So for now, I am enjoying dressing them up. Soon, they will have way too many ideas of their own! In fact, with Kindergarten starting in the next few weeks, he may very well come home with his own ideas based on what the other kids are wearing. Just please, please, no cammo!!!!! But in this, hunting town, the chances are slim!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Virginia Beach Vacation

My family and I just took an awesome vacation to Virginia Beach. We had a blast, and it was so fun to get away! Virgina Beach is ideal for us because it is only a few hours drive (okay, about 5, and we only had a few meltdowns in the car).

Here are my top 10 reasons you should visit Virginia Beach for your Vacation!

What could be better than that! The cool ocean, the pristine beaches!
2. Cuddling up with the kiddos and enjoying the scenery!
3. The beach isn’t crazy crowded, but not deserted either, so your kids can find someone to play with. Monkey makes friends so easily, and each day he was able to find a new best friend to play with. It is so nice for him to have a buddy to play with, and so nice for me too!.
4. The hotels are right on the beach, so you don’t have far to carry all of your kid’s stuff! We are all about the stuff! We have chairs, towels, umbrellas, sodas, snacks, toys, books, ipods, cameras, phones….but the other good news, if you forgot anything it isn’t that bad, because the hotels are right there!
5. The kids are tuckered out at bed time and nap time, so they actually sleep!
6. The Virginia Beach Aquarium, is real close and so much fun. Lots of hands on stuff to see and do! They even have an I-Max theater, (however my kids can’t sit still, so we did not partake).
7. Krispy Kreme is our favorite breakfast stop. Not only are the donuts great, but it is a “field trip” too because you can actually watch through the windows, and see the donuts being made.
8. The waves are pretty mild, so even your little ones can get in. Plus, Mommy’s hair stays dry! The added bonus that the water was way warmer than I was expecting, so I was happy to be in the water, and not a mom-cicle.
9. My youngest loved digging in the sand. I mean look at that pretty sand! He loves to dig, and he made plenty of castles. But mainly he just had fun burying his feet.
10 My kids actually got along, and shared, since we were having so much fun!
As you can see we had a wonderful time, and you would to! There is just so much to do. We are pure beach lovers, so we spent most waking minutes on the beach, but you could also visit Mt Trashmore park, the Mariner’s museum, or check out the local theater scene!
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