Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghostly Craft

I love the internet. I have found so many cool blogs that talk about super cool crafts.

We made a string ghost that is very similiar to the string pumpkins found here.

We mixed up some water and glue.


Then we put the string in.


Then we laid out the string onto plastic (we didn’t have any waxed paper so we used a ziploc bag.


We added eyes, and let them dry.





Once they hardened (about 2 days later) I hung them from our kitchen light

     IMG_3961 IMG_3962

They are sooooo COOOOL!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tot School 10-24-10

This week we worked on starting an alphabet book. To learn more about our book start here.
We continued to spend a lot of time outside.
Alligator worked on fine motor skills by using a dropper for art, and for moving water.
IMG_3926 IMG_3890
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

After-Preschool Corner

I have a new title for these posts since preschool corner implies that this is Monkey’s primary preschool, which is not the case. Monkey attends a fantastic preschool everyday from 9-12. So these are our adventures after school.

Here is my crazy Monkey!


We were working on alphabet books, to expose Alligator to letters. So we are starting with A. Here is Monkey and Alligator working on coloring their A, and making a crafty alligator. You can find the printable here. The Alligator was inspired by No Time for Flashcards. Click the link to see her fantastic site. To see more about our Alphabet book project click here.


Monkey also worked on the following activities:

Using a dropper to move water (from Time for Tots)


Placing pegs in a peg board (TFT)


Beginning sounds puzzles. I only set out a few at a time, otherwise it is overwhelming for him. (from TFT).


I have liked the “Activity Mom” on facebook. She had a free printable on her page, here is the link to her facebook page. I made magnets out of the printable (laminated and the hot glued old cut up magnets to the back). Monkey was placing them in numerical order on the fridge.


My sister gave Monkey this set for his 2nd birthday. You can make it into anything. The individual squares come apart and velcro back together. She gave us the add-on train set, to turn it into a train engine. I can’t find them online, but I’ll keep looking. As you can see it is still a hit at our house.


Today Monkey learned how to ride my old scooter. I am pretty impressed.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letter A Pages

We finished our Letter A pages of our alphabet book.
Each boy will have their own. Here are the A pages:
They worked hard on coloring their A’s.
The books will have a cover then they will have their A, and then the is for pages above. I am laminating each page, and will bind it as we get more pages. I am thinking of using those circle clips, until it is finished.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Aa Songs

I just uploaded our weekly song sheet to Scribd. It has 2 songs one about apples and one about an alligator. Feel free to download and enjoy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making the Alphabet book

Alligator has a new favorite phase. “Wa-Dat” can be heard over 100 times a day at our house. For those of you who don’t speak Alligator it means “What’s that”.

Lately he points at letters everywhere. Letters in books, on signs, on products….He is determined to figure out what all these things are. So I figure now is a good time to introduce him to letters.

Many years ago (2 to be exact) my wonderful friend introduced us to the concept of an Alphabet Book. She now runs the blog Welcome to Our Wonderland.

I never finished the one I started for Monkey, but now is the time.

Here is how it will work (I will do individual ones for both boys). It will be 2 pages per letter.

Page 1---the boys will decorate a letter A.

Page 2—Pictures of the boys with an A craft, and a picture of the boys with some other object that starts with A.

Each week we will complete another letter of the alphabet.

It will be so neat for the boys to have their very own personalized ABC book, and the activities will be a good first exposure to the letters. I will dedicate a post each week to this activity so you all can see  how it is going.

Tot School 10-17-10

Alligator is 20 months old.
We had such wonderful weather this week, that we spent a great deal of time outside. We went on lots of picnics, and the boys absoluetly loved being in nature. Alligators favorite was finding sticks to swing and hit thngs with.
He was fascinated by this nature sign and continually said “What’s that” for pretty much every picture at least 10 times.
We saw some turtles sun bathing
Daddy joined us and both boys enjoyed sitting with Daddy and looking at the water.
We spent the afternoons in the sandbox at our house
Since the week was busy with nature, I decided to get out our Bug Sensory box from Time for Tots.
We are working on body parts with Alligator’s speech, so we sang our own version of the Lauri Berkner Bands song “pig on her head”
We sang:
Alligator’s got a bug on his head, Alligator’s got a bug on his head, Alligator’s got a bug on his head, and he keeps it there all day”
We would substitute different body parts.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Preschool Corner

We spent a lot of time outside this week. We had the most glorious weather. We went down to a little pond and Monkey loved walking around, actually both boys did.

We saw turtles:
Watched the water. Monkey loved putting a rock in and seeing the circles. He realized that if you threw lots of little rocks it made lots of circles vs. one rock made 1 circle.
He Explored
Played with brother
He loved this little bridge. He couldn’t find a stick long enouch to reach all the way across, so he laid out a bunch.
IMG_3864 IMG_3866
Almost everyday after Alligator’s nap time we played in our sandbox.
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What is on the shelf

This week I changed things up a little. Here is a picture of our shelves, which house both Monkey and Alex’s activities.

Our daily Art activity:

This is from Mother Goose TIme. I didn’t set out the colored water, because I don’t want it to spill, but they’ll use mini pipettes to place droplets of colored water on the people cut outs.

Sensory Boxes:

Bugs and Alphabet both from Time for Tots.
IMG_3883   IMG_3874

Monkey’s activities:

Magnet blocks.I am not sure what the brand is but they are similar to these.
Alphapbe puzzles to match to beginning sounds. I have only set out the letters they have done at preschool. (from TfT). IMG_3875
Roll a pumpkin grid game (TfT)
Bulldozer dice game (I added the bulldozer) (TfT).

Alligators Activities

Shape sorter
Coin box (TfT) and a Piggy bank toy
Foam Blocks
Big Medium Small bear game (TfT)

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