Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cupboard Makeover

We are getting new carpet next week. So in the process, we have to make all of our furniture as light as possible so it can be moved.
Well, it became obvious that I needed to clean out this cupboard. I use it to hold a variety of things Mainly anything that is out, that needs to be away in a hurry. 
SO here is the before

This is the after.

I have a giant garbage bag of trash, plus a giant crate full of things to go to goodwill. 
Just to give you a frame of reference for how big this cupboard is, Monkey decided to get inside.

This cupboard was used by my husbands grandfather. My husband is from England and it was used to hold his clothes. Not sure what we are going to use the empty side for.  But I am thankful that it is all cleaned out.

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