Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alphabet Birthday Party favors

For Alligator’s birthday party, I made a cookie of each child with their initial on it to take home.

I used refrigerated dough.

Then once baked, I made a glaze of confectioner’s sugar and a little bit of milk. I dipped the cookie in the glaze and let dry. Then wrote their initial on the cookie with blue icing. I allowed it to harden and then wrapped it up.



I also gave each child a Elmo Alphabet workbook.

This is how I displayed them. I put them by the door, so that I wouldn’t forget to hand them out. I am notorious for doing that.



  1. Thanks Maria. I realized we get so much stuff at parties, and the boys play with it for about 10 minutes, then I either have to throw it away, or find a space for it. This way, they eat it and it is gone!