Thursday, October 21, 2010

After-Preschool Corner

I have a new title for these posts since preschool corner implies that this is Monkey’s primary preschool, which is not the case. Monkey attends a fantastic preschool everyday from 9-12. So these are our adventures after school.

Here is my crazy Monkey!


We were working on alphabet books, to expose Alligator to letters. So we are starting with A. Here is Monkey and Alligator working on coloring their A, and making a crafty alligator. You can find the printable here. The Alligator was inspired by No Time for Flashcards. Click the link to see her fantastic site. To see more about our Alphabet book project click here.


Monkey also worked on the following activities:

Using a dropper to move water (from Time for Tots)


Placing pegs in a peg board (TFT)


Beginning sounds puzzles. I only set out a few at a time, otherwise it is overwhelming for him. (from TFT).


I have liked the “Activity Mom” on facebook. She had a free printable on her page, here is the link to her facebook page. I made magnets out of the printable (laminated and the hot glued old cut up magnets to the back). Monkey was placing them in numerical order on the fridge.


My sister gave Monkey this set for his 2nd birthday. You can make it into anything. The individual squares come apart and velcro back together. She gave us the add-on train set, to turn it into a train engine. I can’t find them online, but I’ll keep looking. As you can see it is still a hit at our house.


Today Monkey learned how to ride my old scooter. I am pretty impressed.


TO see what others did for preschool corner this week check it out here.

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