Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tot School –10-10-10



Alligator and I had fun at our local park. This park is fabulous!
He drove the fire truck.
Colored on the chalkboard (which I didn’t even realize they had).
And rode the horse. (OK, you aren’t supposed to climb on this thing, but I thought it would make a cute picture.)


Alligator played with some play-dough from our Alex Busy Box. He enjoyed breaking it into tiny pieces.
Alligator had fun using the Do-a-Dot marker on these pages from Homechool Creations, to see my post on these click here.IMG_3839
As always we did a lot of coloring. Alligator can make a dot, circle or line when you ask him to. He also has started saying those words.


This tray had rough things and smooth things. It is made so eventually he can sort them. But right now, we are just talking about each thing and feeling it. This was from the Early Toddler Kit from Time for Tots.
The kit also included 4 color “wands” (for lack of a better term). We looked through them, and he really thought that was cool.
This was a spooning activity from a Halloween themed kit. He really enjoyed putting the fuzzies in and out of the pumpkin shaped ice cube tray.
This activity was a Gatorade bottle and 2 giant popsicle sticks. He wasn’t that interested in putting then in the bottle. But he loved carrying them around and using them as drumsticks.
IMG_3811 IMG_3813
As you can see, we had a busy week. To see what others did this week for Tot School click the button at the top of the page. (I will link it as soon as the link is up on 1+1+1=1.)

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  1. The color paddles look really neat! And, what a cool park! Fun week.

  2. He certainly looks like he is having a lot of fun! No better way to learn than that.