Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making the Alphabet book

Alligator has a new favorite phase. “Wa-Dat” can be heard over 100 times a day at our house. For those of you who don’t speak Alligator it means “What’s that”.

Lately he points at letters everywhere. Letters in books, on signs, on products….He is determined to figure out what all these things are. So I figure now is a good time to introduce him to letters.

Many years ago (2 to be exact) my wonderful friend introduced us to the concept of an Alphabet Book. She now runs the blog Welcome to Our Wonderland.

I never finished the one I started for Monkey, but now is the time.

Here is how it will work (I will do individual ones for both boys). It will be 2 pages per letter.

Page 1---the boys will decorate a letter A.

Page 2—Pictures of the boys with an A craft, and a picture of the boys with some other object that starts with A.

Each week we will complete another letter of the alphabet.

It will be so neat for the boys to have their very own personalized ABC book, and the activities will be a good first exposure to the letters. I will dedicate a post each week to this activity so you all can see  how it is going.

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  1. i remember when we use to have the tinytots teaching group and posted weekly lesson plans :) the good old days :)

    Can't wait to see it, Sprite and I are doing one this year too it will have 2 or 3 alphabet letter crafts and then a picture in nature of that letter :)