Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tot School 10-17-10

Alligator is 20 months old.
We had such wonderful weather this week, that we spent a great deal of time outside. We went on lots of picnics, and the boys absoluetly loved being in nature. Alligators favorite was finding sticks to swing and hit thngs with.
He was fascinated by this nature sign and continually said “What’s that” for pretty much every picture at least 10 times.
We saw some turtles sun bathing
Daddy joined us and both boys enjoyed sitting with Daddy and looking at the water.
We spent the afternoons in the sandbox at our house
Since the week was busy with nature, I decided to get out our Bug Sensory box from Time for Tots.
We are working on body parts with Alligator’s speech, so we sang our own version of the Lauri Berkner Bands song “pig on her head”
We sang:
Alligator’s got a bug on his head, Alligator’s got a bug on his head, Alligator’s got a bug on his head, and he keeps it there all day”
We would substitute different body parts.
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