Wednesday, November 24, 2010

December plans


I am so excited about the month of December. I finally have a plan in place that I am very excited about.

I am going to be doing toddler preschool with Alligator in the mornings while big brother is in preschool. You can find the website here. I am not sure if they are actually selling the lessons anymore. I used them when Monkey was 2. But lately I can’t get through to the site. Good thing I saved the lessons. They are VERY age appropriate. There is an LA lesson and a math lesson each day. This week we are working on the letter A, the color red, and building with blocks.

Then while Alligator naps, Monkey and I will work on our Time For Tots kits. We’ll do the Christmas kit, and the countdown to Christmas kit. I will do the count down to Christmas kit with both boys when appropriate, but will definitely do the crafts with both of them. And he also has a animal sticker book, that he enjoys working on (My mom bought it for him at Ross and he loves it).

Then once Alligator wakes up we will do Itty Bitty Bookworm. THe books featured this month are

The Best Mouse Cookie by Laura Numeroff
How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends? by Jane Yolen

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  1. those sound great for December I can't wait to read more about them!!! :)