Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catch up Halloween

Yeah, yeah, I know. LATE…but even if ya’ll aren’t interested I thought I would share so that I have the post for next year.

Here is what we did for Halloween. And I promise, I will post more regularly after Thanksgiving.

Here is my little lion at his thanksgiving party. We go to a toddler class once a week. (he wouldn’t stay still to look at the camera.

  IMG_3965 IMG_3967 IMG_3968

Here is monkey and his good friend. She spent the afternoon with us one day, and so we had to make a craft. As she says “I wuv coming here and doin awt”. I love doing art with you too! This craft was inspired by a similiar craft on the “Amazing Mess”, I tried it with Alligator but he had no interest, which is odd because he is my art guy.

IMG_3969 IMG_3970IMG_3973

We went to play with play-dough and my home-made play-dough was gross and old. So we mixed up a new batch. They each got to make their own. I did a non-cooked recipe, I had to add tons more flour than it called for, but it worked out. Both kids didn’t want to get their hands messy, so I put it in a baggy for them to mix up themselves.


Here are my boys in halloween costume.

IMG_3990 IMG_3991 IMG_4003 IMG_4013

Daddy was an alien, but no one got it. LOL

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  1. I love that your hubby dressed up that is awesome.

    yep no cook I always have to add more flour, I'm trying a new no cook I hope it goes better.