Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aa is for Apple Toddler Theme---Day 1

Now that Monkey has started Kindergarten, I have a great deal of time to work with Alligator.


I bought these bins from Wal-Mart for less than 3 dollars a bin.


They Stack and a re a perfect size for putting Alligators activities in. I love that they have lids that close, that way Alligator can only get into them, when it is time to get into them.

Here they are on our shelf.


When it is time to do “Tot School” I will bring them down and let him choose. I am only setting out 3 at a time. I have placed all the activities for the next week or so in this closeable envelope.


That way all the activities are ready to go. I can choose which ones to set out each day.

Today I set out our gluing sheet. Alligator really got into the gluing. He liked squeezing it out, but he wanted me to put the pictures on it, he was afraid of getting his hands in the glue.


He liked gluing so much, that we he wanted to do more, so I pulled out our letter A color and glue e-book that I bought from curr-click years ago. It is still available here.


The top 2 pages above are from that e-book. He also had fun sprinkling glitter on the ant page. I put the glitter in a bowl and gave him a spoon (so he wouldn’t have to touch it).


He also worked on matching colored beads and pom-poms to a colored apple page (this came from Confessions of a Homeschooler).


I don’t have pictures of him actually working on it because my camera was not functioning properly. (Apparently when a certain 2 year old threw it on the ground, it broke the mechanism that opens the flash, so now I have to open the flash manually…grrrr…)

The third activity we tried today was a capital A lowercase a matching. I printed the sheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler, then wrote A and a on glass beads form him to sort. He wasn’t that interested in this activity, so we’ll try it again another day.


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