Tuesday, August 2, 2011

15 Minute Makeover-#3

Today I decided to do some work in the playroom. Monkey was feeling sick, so he spent much of the day in front of the TV, and Alligator was busily eating his lunch.
Here is the corner that I started off in.
IMG_5714 IMG_5713After 15 minutes this is how it looked.
I was making such progress I decided to continue and work on the top of the shelving unit for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes I got it down to this:
The cup on the top shelf next to our puzzles holds puzzle pieces that are found. Alligator loves puzzles, and he gets a little carried away. So our pieces tend to walk away.
Speaking of puzzles, the puzzle stand on the shelf, is the best purchase ever. I didn’t think I could use one, but don’t doubt just buy. It is truly awesome.
After that 15 minutes were up I continued working, the room was looking so good. I think I worked for another 15 minutes. And am so pleased with the results.
I bagged up 3 garbage bags worth of stuff to take to goodwill.
I cleared out some of the bins, and reorganized others. So excited about the transformation.
Still a work in progress, but so happy it happened!

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