Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The week thus far!

This week has been pretty active for us thus far because Alligator has had his nap in the morning on both days. So that makes the afternoons much more eventful.

We are doing a Itty Bitty Bookworm unit on “The Best Mouse Cookie Ever”. Below is our shelf for the books we will be reading over the next 2 weeks.


We started off by reading the book. Then Alligator and Monkey decorated chef’s hats. They used crayons and stamps. Alligator really got the idea of the stamps after a while. He seemed to love it.

IMG_4061 IMG_4062 

Here they are. They wore them all afternoon.

IMG_4065 IMG_4067

Today we made gingerbread play dough. Monkey loves to make things in the kitchen. SO I let me do most of it. However, it was a cookied play dough recipe, and I did all the cooking, but he stood back and watched.

IMG_4068 IMG_4071

Here they are playing with it, and wow, did it smell good!

IMG_4073 IMG_4075 IMG_4077

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  1. looks like fun and what yummy smelling playdough! we need to make some soon its been ages since we made gingerbread play dough